Antimony Pentoxide Powder

Antimony Pentoxide Powder

The Antimony Pentoxide Powder is the spray-dried powder that is used as synergist with halogenated flame retardant in polymer, solvent and adhesives. This dispersible dry power allows greater retention of the original physical properties in most systems.
 Applications :
  • Specifically manufactured for flame retarding chloride.
  • Used for phosphite type stabilizers to enhance heat stability.
  • Used for flame redundancy, preferred for reproducible colour matching.

Advantages :
  • Low chemical reactivity that limits interference with electroless plating solutions
  • Free flowing particles for easy processing, better mixing and exceptional consistency.
  • Mass tone color and light transmission using non-pigmenting.
  • Disperses to Nano sized particles.
  • Low metallic impurities like arsenic and lead etc.
  • Specifically manufactured as flame retarding chloride.
  • Enhanced heat stability.

End Uses :
Uses as flame retardant in P.V.C, ABS, HIPS, Poly Propylene, Epoxic.

Packaging :
25 Kg. Paper Bag with PLoy Liner,40 bages stretch wrap rest on pallet, 1000 Kg. Bulk bag rest on Pallet

Technical Specifications :
Properties Grade 1Grade 2
Chemical Formula Sb2O5Sb2O5
ASSAY (Sb2O5)80% Min.84% Min.
Specific Gravity ( H2O - 1 )3.93.9
Percent Volatile by Volume (%)2 - 32 - 3
Sb2O30.2% Max.0.2% Max.
As0.05% Max.0.05% Max.
Pb0.1% Max.0.1% Max.
Fe100 ppm Max.100 ppm Max.
Ni50 ppm Max.50 ppm Max.
Cu50 ppm Max.50 ppm Max.
Oil Absorption30±530±5
100µm Sieve refulal0% Max.0% Max.
50µm Sieve refulal10% Max.10% Max.
pH5 - 7 Min.5 - 7 Min.
Color of the PVCWhiteWhite
Particle Size10 - 25 Microns10 - 25 Microns
Agglomerate Size0 - 03 Microns0 - 03 Microns
Water Content0.5 Max.0.5 Max.
AppearanceExcellent White Free Flowing PowderExcellent White Free Flowing Powder

Minimum order for Domestic 50 kg and for export 1 metric ton
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